With Great Families, Come Great Responsibilities!

Hello All, I know it has been awhile since we connected here.  However, that has actually been a good thing. We here at Team Zelza have been diligently hard at work, on bringing you a truly unique and entertaining edutainment show, that will be enjoyed by all. There is so much going on, that I am not at liberty to say. Suffice to say Zelza Zero and friends have acquired some new friends who believe fully in this brand and are using their considerable talents and influence to give you the show you have needed and waited for. Unfortunately this does take quite some time and with all hands needed on deck, our blog had to be shelved. However as spring is steadily and thankfully approaching I found my thoughts turning toward this season of rejuvenation, atonement and reflection.

 One of the steady threads we have encountered in creating Zelza Zero & Friends, is what can we use more of and what can we use less of. Well it occurred to me that this is something that parents and their children can and should discuss in their daily lives. Think about how many times we said to our parents as children or children have said to you as parents, I want this, I need that, etc. Really think about that for a second. What is truly needed by humanity as a whole and what is just desired. Let's see if we can figure some of this out.

 Things we could use less of: 

  1. Fractured family time

Do you spend time as a family? Does the family splinter into separate rooms to watch television, play video games, talk on the cell phone? Does the family have dinner together sans phones, tablets, tv, etc?  Is discussion a rule and not an exception?

 We all need alone time, parents and kids alike. However we also need the social interaction and support that comes from a family unit that truly shares and interacts. How about making a family policy of sharing a meal together, minus electronic devises and instead share the day's experiences. Kids, if mom made a great meal, instead of saying how good it was and rushing off, how about asking what went into the preparation to make it so yummy!  How about setting aside time during the week and picking a television show or music that one family member is really thrilled about and if appropriate for all members, watch or listen together. Now there is new fodder for family discussion. Think about that.

  1. Family Ageism.

We have all heard about how ageism is a blight on our society, particularly with our treatment of the elderly but what about in the family unit?  Does your oldest ridicule the interest of their younger sibling? Do you as a parent, dread sharing any of your children's interest due to the thought of "Oh that's for kids!"  People generally get excited about things that pique their interest. That usually leads to a reflex to share. Well sharing takes at least two and in a family, it should include all. How about having a show and tell time, after dinner, weekends. The family as a unit can gain understanding and insight into the joy a particular family member receives from a certain thing or event.  Parents and older siblings may rediscover a piece of their own youthfulness by sharing in the excitement of a younger family member's interest.  Also the younger family member may feel more like a big girl or boy, by taking the spotlight and sharing their joy with the older folks! Try it!


Things we could use more of:

  1. Understanding

 What the world truly needs as a whole.  It can and should start at home.  Do you have one child who is a good athlete and one who is not very coordinated but aces every test?  One who is super popular and maybe another who is immensely shy? Well this can be a great way to mix it up and create a true support group in your home. How about sitting down with your shy child and your social butterfly and start swapping experiences. Maybe the shy child can learn some appropriate tips from the outgoing one and while maybe not being quite a shining star, perhaps learn to navigate social situations better.  Your outgoing child as well, may learn to understand that not everyone has their gift of ease and by that knowledge discover how to become a leader, both in and out of the home. Even taking the time to share their expertise with a basketball, with the family member who is challenged in that area. Would it not be better to have your child, realize that they may not be good at sports but the family superstar took the time to try and show you how it all works.  The athlete learns to share knowledge and gains understanding into their family member, learning to lead by example!

  1. Love

 Does your family tell each and every member that they are loved? In between arguments and infighting can your children of their own accord tell each other that they love them? Does your family understand that love and showing love, begins at home? Cultivating these feelings and utilizing these words, will create a foundation that is paramount to the future and success of your emerging citizens. Let's face it, if your children cannot say the words at home, how can they bring it to the world?  Demonstrating love is a muscle that must be exercised in order to spread.  Encourage this and watch the results, with pride!

 Well it's time for me to get back to Zelza Zero and her friends. We here at Team Zelza are so excited to be bringing you this truly incomparable and we feel trendsetting edutainment television show. It takes time for quality and that is what we will be introducing to you and we can't wait!  See you in Numeric City.


Written by: Clark Davis - Childrens' Television Writer.

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