Happy Mothers' Day!

Hello one and all! Spring is here and everything is springing forward, in what is shaping up to be an eventful year. Lots of us get excited by the plethora of cultural events this time of year. Basketball ending, baseball beginning, football drafting, renewed triple crown hopes. School graduations and hopes and dreams of bright futures, and let's not forget the multiplexes rolling out the new wave of summer blockbusters, to thrill us and give us heroes and superheroes to cheer for.

However, there is another event every spring that stands above all the rest, Mother's day! The day we set aside to honor the original
and greatest superhero of all. MOM!! Even if you turn the m's upside down you get WOW!! Let's face it, all of us, except in the most unfortunate of circumstances, owe everything that we are, we have and may ever be able to achieve to mom.

When we thrill to the feats of derring do in the latest explosive action packed film, remember that's fun, but faked. The moms who have
been documented lifting two ton automobiles, swimming incredible distances, braving the severity of the elements, all in the service of
protecting the children they love, are real. They weren't sent from a distant planet or given a top secret serum to drink. The power of
moms comes from the most powerful force on Earth, a mother's devotion.

That basketball player who defies gravity on your big screen, had a mom who picked him up and dried his tears, when he hadn't quite mastered the art of flying yet. That home run hitter who seems to have thunder in his arms, can still hear his mom cheering the loudest
in any stadium in the world. That gymnast who confounds us with her total command of space and gravity, can always seek motivation
from the words of encouragement her mom offered, while driving her to practice.

Our moms are the greatest coaches, reality show directors, and miracle workers on Earth. Moms have defeated gangs and bullies.
They have given us wonderful dishes that somehow were always there, just as the hunger was coming on. I'm sure if you close
your eyes and think of your favorite meal, you can instantly be transported back to mom's kitchen and all the wonderful smells
and times.

There are so many types of moms. Stay at home moms, working moms, single moms. Only child moms, large family moms, and
more. Each with their own unique and individual journeys that they will take to guide the ones they love with all they have.

Even if your mom is no longer with you, the influence, guidance and love that she bestowed on you will resonate and sustain you all of the days of your life. The classic television show MacGyver had a hero who could turn the most innocent of items into an escape method or a protective device. So much so that the word MacGyver has entered the american lexicon as a term meaning resourceful and ingenious. Well long before Mr. MacGyver picked up a swiss army knife to outwit the bad guys, mom was there.

Remember when you needed a costume at the last minute for Halloween? How about the unexpected guest you brought home
for dinner? The day you didn't do well on an important test or project? I bet mom figured out the ideal solution to fix the problem and I bet it worked out just fine.

While we are reflecting on the super powerful moms of the world, let's please not forget the moms of special needs children. The love, devotion and bravery these women show each and everyday cannot be measured and must be celebrated. These moms really are able to leap tall buildings in a single bound. Let their child be in trouble and marvel at them being faster than a speeding bullet. Bless you, special needs moms!!

How many of us as children, asked our mothers why there was no Children's Day? I bet your mom's response was that "Everyday is Children's Day." Guess what, it is. Due totally to the fact that our moms made it so, each and everyday for everyone of us.

So as you head off to enjoy this delightful time of year. Remember that all year round, whether your mom is still with you or not. Mom is the original superhero and everyday should be Mother's Day in practice and in our hearts.

Love you mom!

See you guys in Numeric City, soon.

By Clark S. Davis



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