3 Cyber Bullying Stories - Taking A Stand

This post takes a look at a daily trending situation on the Internet referred to as Cyber Bullying. These three stories have a recurring theme of people coming up with their own unique way of handling or dealing with cyber bullies. See if any of these stories and the techniques employed by these everyday citizens can help you in your own situation or give you the courage to safely confront your cyber bullies.

1. Martin Garrix Spins His Tale And Takes A Stand Against Cyber Bullying 


 Photo - Courtesy of Billboard.Com

 "It does get to me when I read these comments. I want my fans and everyone who is bullied to be inspired by my facing to this problem, and stay strong. We are all human beings. Using social media to hurt and destroy is callous, acted out by cowards hiding behind computers. My advice is to ignore negativity. Focus on the love around." Read more

2. A 15-Year-Old Tech Genius Who Is Using Her Coding Skills To Curb Cyber Bullying

"Often coming across hurtful words over social media has become a routine. Seeing some giving it back, some reporting and some just staying silent. We forget words can hurt like knives twisting in the stomach. Again and again before a drastic step is taken." Read more

3. Woman Photoshops Herself With a "Perfect" Body in Response to Cyber-Bullying


 "Sick and tired of reading mean, hurtful, and downright nasty comments from countless internet trolls, Cassey decided to respond to the comments by Photoshopping herself into having what the mean commenters would describe as the "perfect" body type."  Read more

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