The 7 Signs of a Confident & Self-Assured Child

I was recently asked a question, "What is at the core of The Adventures Of Zelza Zero And Friends?" The answer was easy.  At the heart of all that you will see and read, is a foundation of self confidence and assurance. This starts with the beginning tale which is titled "Worthless." Whatever madcap adventures the Zelza gang find themselves involved in, self worth and confidence is the main ingredient that they will grow and learn about. This led me to do some thinking about how as parents, family members, teachers, etc., we can spot signs of confidence from the children we live with or encounter.  Here are 7 signs that I think will provide an insight into recognizing a truly confident and self assured child.

1. The Leader
This is the child that is always at the ready to take charge or contribute in any given situation.  At home this could manifest itself in several different ways. Does your child share knowledge and new ideas, readily and often?  How about their interaction with adults and other children?  In varied social scenes, do they maintain the same level of excitement and enthusiasm that they display in more familiar situations? If so then these are the signs that you have a confident and powerful leader.  
2. The Self Starter
If you have one of these children in your brood, you will know it. Homework done? Check. Room cleaned? Check. Clothes picked out for the next days event? Check. This child has their own rhythm and path, encourage and cultivate them. Then get out of their way! Is that breakfast you smell? 
3. The Nurturer 
What can you say about the child that is willing to watch-over, protect and share all that they’ve learned with their younger siblings and peers. You must have confidence in yourself and what you have to offer, to be able to easily share and teach in this way. It must be nice to have such an energetic helper to help out at home.
4. The Humble One

How about the child that excels at most things they try. Sports star, lead in the school play, impressive GPA?  Math, no problem. When you couple any of these skills with humility and tact. You have a child that does not need to indulge in false bravado or loud boasting. They have learned that confidence is a power and do not feel the need to lord it over everyone they meet.

5. The Hard Worker

Not every child has innate or inherent skill sets. This child however will belong to the school of due diligence. They will work and work some more to achieve their goals. This is a level of commitment that is hard to match. The confidence applied by these children comes with a sense of accomplishment that is impressive and powerful. Remember when they had trouble spelling?  Believe me they do as well.

6. The Individual

A child that truly dances to their own beat. This can be displayed by an off-beat fashion or style sense. Perhaps they enjoy reading about the anthropology of the ants. Whatever the case may be, there is no confidence lacking in this individual. In fact try to deviate them from their chosen like or dislike and watch out.  As long as the fundamental requirements are met, such as grades, hygiene, social interaction, etc. Try having the same faith in them, that they have in themselves and let them be.

7. The Social Butterfly

This child thrives in a myriad of social situations. The latest dance steps, the new kid that just moved in next door, or started attending class. No sweat for these kids. They will introduce themselves and then commence to show the new kid, those dance steps. After making sure that they are conveying their knowledge and skills, with respect and consideration to people that appreciate them, I say enjoy this charmer and watch them shine.

This is just a small sampling of the signs that can be recognized in children that are confident and self-assured. Yes grades and such are signs, however you can have a child that is strong scholastically but not a very confident person. In fact be careful the books are not a hideaway, due to a lack of confidence.  As always dialog and interaction with your child will go a long way toward giving you insight into the person you are raising.

Speaking of confidence, I am extremely confident that parents and children alike will relish the visits they make to Numeric City. I can't wait for you to see what we have cooking up for you all!  See you next time. 

 Blog Post By: Clark Davis





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  • Kathy Fedorko

    You seem to be describing the unusual child who is both extrovert and introvert. In my experience the humble nurturer willing to be an individual is not a social butterfly.

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