Thanksgiving - Time to Take Stock

Once again hello to you all, from beautiful downtown Numeric City. 
It's that time again. Time to take stock and give thanks for the many, many things we have to be thankful for. Let's face it, it can be difficult to remember to do that, when there is so much trouble in the world. We as a global community are being challenged and tested in ways unparalleled in our history. That means our children as well. I'm sure many of you have had to sit down and explain world events and tragic occurrences to your children. The sadness of explaining such events is outmatched only by having to do so in the first place. Perhaps it's not world events that you are having to discuss but your own family situation. Is this a harder time than usual for the family? Was there a layoff? Was there a death or an illness? 
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The point being, that whatever the situation may be. Thanksgiving can be a wonderful day in which the family can bond and unite against any troubles that have and can arise.  So while you are shopping and checking to make sure you have the turkey, the cranberry, the pies and other assorted goodies. Make sure your list includes imparting to your family the true and healing nature of the thanksgiving season.
For example, if finances have and continue to be an issue and perhaps your littlest family members don't understand why they can't have this thing or that. The Thanksgiving holiday is a great opportunity to explain and demonstrate what giving thanks really means. Sit down as a family prior to the big day and encourage everyone to discuss and share what they have to be thankful about. This will not only give you insight into the family pulse but also as individuals, where their mindsets lie. 
Let's say little Johnny or Lynn are really upset about the lean times the family could be experiencing. They didn't get that new video game or jeans they wanted. Maybe they are envious of a school mate who lives in a bigger house or has a newer car, etc. Whatever the issue, this time is the perfect time to address their feelings. It's easy for anyone to take things for granted, especially the youngest family members, who let's face it, have yet to learn how the world truly works. So okay, you have the discussion and you learn that little Johnny and Lynn are upset, what's next? This is where the internet can help. Sit your youngsters down at the computer and proceed to sites such as Unicef, Feed Africa or any other helping hand site. Show them true want and despair. Explain how they have it so good, compared to so many. How missing a video game or a pair of designer jeans is nothing compared to missing meals and having no clothes. Encourage their feedback on what they would do if they could help. Donate old clothes and toys? Have a family garage sale? Discuss what the day truly represents. Not only to your family but to the world at large.
It's the measure of our worth as giving and thankful human beings that we can by choice pitch in and help our fellow citizens. That we can truly stimulate growth and understanding by giving back and acknowledging our blessings. It starts with all of us as adults and then through divine osmosis, on to our youth, to continue and uphold. A beautiful and necessary cycle in these troubled and concerning times.  
This dialog and education will go a long way toward teaching your children the value of not only a dollar but also the spirit of giving and being thankful for what they have. It's easy for all of us to get away from the hardness of the world as it pertains to others. We must however keep in mind that each and everyone of us is just one disaster, illness, or just plain bad luck away from being in dire need and peril ourselves. Leading by example not only shows the way to our children, but reiterates the message for adults as well. The future starts now, get to it! Make a difference. 
Speaking of giving thanks. All of us here in Numeric City wish to thank each and everyone of you who have and continue to, support Zelza Zero® & Friends. We have our animated series and various projects coming up and are truly grateful and thankful for the opportunity to share Zelza Zero® with each of you. Personally I wish to also thank Team Zelza for allowing me to reach out on behalf of what is truly a unique and far reaching concept, to all of you. A true blessing! 
So remember as you sit down at the Thanksgiving dinner table, take a moment between the excited chatter, the sounds of the football games and all the merriment, and be aware that we truly need to give thanks each and everyday for all the blessings recognized or not, that we receive and can bestow. A roof over your heads is a blessing! Your children are a blessing! The wonderful incredible food on your table is a blessing! The beat of your heart is a blessing! There are many blessings, so appreciate and cherish them. There is a strength in doing so, that is immeasurable and empowering!! Not a bad deal, no? The seeds you plant in your children bears the future fruit of our world. If they know how to be thankful and giving, they can teach it, as well. Trust that!
Blog Post By: Clark Davis

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