Zelza Zero "Worthless" Synopsis

Zelza Zero is a sweet, helpful and humble little zero with a heart of gold. She lives in Numeric City and is a student at Digits Elementary but is always sad because she does not have many friends. The other digits will not play with Zelza Zero and she struggles with being the only zero in the entire school. Her classmates are extremely mean; they play practical jokes on her and whisper terrible things about her to each other. One day, one of Zelza Zero’s classmates calls her “worthless,” which leaves her confused because she does not understand what this word means. But with courage and the help of her parents, Mother and Father Zero, and her teacher Mrs. Elva Eight, Zelza Zero journeys to figure out what “worthless” means and the value of her true worth.

In this amazing children's book about self-worth, you will meet other dynamic characters such as Ozzie One, Thomas Two, Thelma Three, Freddie Four, Feebie Five, Suzzie Six, Sid Seven, their teacher Mrs. Elva Eight and Nancy Nine. Zelza Zero is a fun story that reinforces place value, making this story ideal when reviewing math skills, but also helps students understand their own personal value and develop an appreciation for the wonderful and unique worth of all people.

Our children's books introduces kids to Self-worth, the concept of Team, Embracing diversity and Mathematical magic (STEM). Parents will also find that children's books about respect, kindness, and community are amongst the themes in our ever expanding book catalog. 

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